About PACK - People Against Commercial Kennels

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People Against Commercial Kennels is a 501©3 non-profit organization and was founded in August 2013. The primary mission of PACK is to end commercial kennels by lifting the public’s consciousness of the deplorable and reprehensible conditions in mass commercial breeding facilities known as puppy mills.  These are commercial enterprises which breed dogs in significant numbers for profit only, and with no regard for the humane treatment of these creatures.

We are dedicated to raising awareness about puppy mills by continuing high profile campaigns that teach the public that they can effect change to end the puppy mill trade. The best way to help is to change the way you obtain your next puppy.

Our ambition is to teach the public about pet stores and internet sites and how they support puppy mills. Once the public gets a clear understanding of where these dogs originally come from, they can then make an educated choices on where to find healthier, happier dogs. With this knowledge they will no longer unknowingly support animal cruelty. We strongly encourage everyone to adopt or rescue their next dog and, also encourage them to see the most importing thing when buying a puppy: the MOTHER. Be Aware of Where You Buy Your Dog. Adopt or Rescue.