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Awareness to Adopt or Rescue your dog SUPERSTAR style.
Thank you Adele for holding up PACK’s shirt for your fans to see

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We at PACK make it our mantra to pay it forward. Because Adele was kind enough to show off our shirt to her fans, we’d like to repay the favor by asking anyone reading this to drop a donation to DROP4DROP. DROP4DROP is an incredible organization that helps provide clean water to communities all over the world. DROP4DROP is co-founded by Adele’s boyfriend Simon Konecki’
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A Big Thank You to our Distinguished Guests

One of our distinguished guests will be TV star ANNEMARIE LUCAS. Annemarie Lucas has been protecting animals for over fifteen years and is known worldwide as a woman who stands up for those who cannot speak for themselves. She has saved thousands of animal victims, and has brought their abusers to justice as an Animal Cop for a large Humane Organization in NYC.
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Bill Smith - Main Line Animal Rescue
Bill Smith is the founder of Main Line Animal Rescue. He has dedicated his life to fighting "puppy mills", the warehouses where dogs are raised for profit in tiny cages, denied sufficient medical care, and often killed when they get sick or can no longer breed. Bill has appeared on nationally televised shows increasing awareness through education. Check out the following from Main Line Animal Rescue
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Bob Baker - Executive Director Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation
Bob Baker has been active in animal welfare for over three decades and is a nationally recognized authority on animal cruelty. His work on investigations and legislative initiatives, and his advocacy efforts on behalf of animals, have been widely acclaimed. Bob brings extensive experience to the Alliance, having worked for both national and local humane organizations during his career. Recently with the ASPCA, he played a key role in efforts to combat the cruelties of puppy mills and to effect the passage of precedent setting legislation in Pennsylvania regulating large-scale commercial dog breeding operations. In addition, Bob served as Chief Investigator for the Humane Society of the United States for several years.
Bob conceived and aided in the production of several national news exposes on animal abuse including pieces on “60 Minutes,” “20/20” and “Dateline.” He has been a tireless spokesperson over the years on a host of animal issues. Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation
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Laura Flynn-Amato - HBO documentary "Madonna of The Mills" - Founder of No More Tears Rescue A nonprofit organization that rescues puppy mill dogs from breeding facilities. Laura debuted in the HBO documentary "Madonna of The Mills" and has rescued over 4,000 dogs. In the process, she has forever changed her life and the lives of those families fortunate enough to adopt one of these remarkable puppy mill survivors.
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Carol Araneo-Mayer - Awareness Day Carol has worked with Last Chance for Animals, Nutley Animal Welfare League, People for Animals and Adopt A Pet Inc. Along with two others she started an event called Awareness Day in Pennsylvania, which eventually became known as Puppy Mill Awareness Day.  The focus of the event was to bring awareness of the plight of the breeding stock imprisoned in puppy mills and commercial breeding facilities.

A Big Thank You to our Musical Guest

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Take a listen to the video below. Danny wrote and sang this beautiful song.
Danny Nova - Singer/Songwriter Extraordinaire
Danny Nova is a world-class vocalist whose music-making abilities cannot be denied. As a songwriter, Nova is admired for his fine blending of lyrical content with melodic and flowing musical compositions. Peer songwriters consider his lyrics seasoned, poised, sensitive and profound with a thin lining of obscurity.


"USDA licensed kennels" (puppy mills) are large-scale dog breeding facilities, notorious for the substandard care and cruelty inflected on innocent animals. Dogs in puppy mills often spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy, cramped wire cages, unprotected from extreme weather conditions. The parents suffer from over-breeding, lack of veterinary care, and inadequate food & water. They are never touched with kindness and don't have the normal, happy lives that all dogs deserve.
Millers profit by offering a never ending supply of puppies sold to an unassuming public through pet stores, websites, and various forms of newspaper ads.
To see an end to the deplorable and disturbing conditions endured by these dogs, the public must first be made aware about the hidden truth behind puppy mills and understand where these animals are born. Learn and be awakened! Not buying from puppy mill vendors is the best place to start helping our best friends. We urge the public to adopt or rescue their next dog. Those who still want to buy dogs we encourage to do this responsibly. That means doing extensive research on a breeder and meeting the mother in person.

Some of the pictures on this site are compliments of Kate Condemi DePasquale. Thank you Kate!